Community Relations

Many people are under the impression that an ambulance company only provides emergency transportation.  At Pride Care, we do much more.  We are active in the communities that we serve in many ways, getting to know people and offering services that go well beyond just transportation.

Read below to get an idea of the types of services Pride Care offers to its communities.  If you can think of other areas that we could be of service, do not hesitate to let us know!

Pride Care employees provide:

    Relay for Life events
    Standbys for community, athletic and special events
    EMS Booths for Community events and festivals
    Standbys for Football Games
    Standbys for "Run and walk" events
    Ambulance for Parades
    Blood Pressure Checks
    School Presentations
    Community CPR Classes
    Membership Presentations
    Emergency alert presentations
    Standbys for racing events
    Habitat for Humanity
    Coverage at community sporting events such as:
          Kalamazoo Wings games, Kalamazoo speedway races, Gingerman Raceway,
          Dutch Sports Park, and Kalamazoo Growler's games.




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