Our Services

At Pride Care, we want to be your complete medical transportation provider and we will work hard to do just that, each and every day.  Pride Care customers can be assured that our crews will be professional, compassionate, respectful and sensitive to their needs. Our dispatchers are committed to prompt customer service and the delivery of efficient and cost effective services.

The following is a list of services offered by Pride Care:
Non-Emergency transportation – CEMS is a trusted leader of non-emergency transportation services in West Michigan.

ALS (paramedic) - ambulances routinely provide 911 emergency services; however, they also provide emergency and non-emergency transportation for hospitals and other medical facilities.

BLS (EMT) - ambulances provide non-emergency transportation for hospitals, skilled nursing and other medical facilities.

Critical Care Paramedic Services - is primarily utilized for inter-facility hospital transportation to the critically ill and injured patient.

Wheelchair Services - provides safe, reliable and cost effective transportation to those who need a helping hand. Each month we provide thousands of wheelchair transports throughout SW Michigan.

Event Standbys & Staffing - Pride Care provides on-site mobile staffing at local events, such as race tracks, county fairs and community festivals.

Patient Assistance - for residents located within our primary 9-1-1 service areas. 

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