About Pride

Pride Care Ambulance and CEMS Medical Transport are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Coloma Emergency Ambulance, Inc. a Michigan corporation.  Combined we are the largest ambulance service in Southwest Michigan, celebrating over 45 years of community service. On an annual basis, Pride Care provides over 60,000 requests for service including Critical Care, Advanced Life Suport, Basic Life Support and wheelchair transports throughout Kalamazoo, Berrien, Cass, Barry and Van Buren Counties.  Pride Care is CAAS Accredited.

Pride Care has grown into a 140 person non-union workforce consisting of Paramedics, EMTs, administrators, educators, and a full time maintenance department. Pride Care has formed a Critical Care Team consisting of CCEMT-Ps who have a minimum of three years of experience and the following national certifications (ACLS, CCEMT-P, PALS, and PHTLS).

Pride Care has the unique ability to provide a mobile “Emergency Room” that provides critical treatment enroute to other healthcare facilities that ensure a patient's survival and continued care.

To learn more about Pride Care, please contact us by phone or email at:

Kalamazoo County residents - (269) 343-2224
Berrien County residents - (269) 468-4111
Cass County residents - (269) 468-4111
Barry County residents - (269) 343-2224
Van Buren County residents - (269) 343-2224

Email -bmears@pridecare.com or brusson@pridecare.com



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