Ambulance Membership

Pride Care is a leader in emergency and non-emergency services in the Southwest Michigan area. We currently provide emergency and/or non-emergency services in Kalamazoo, Berrien, Cass, Van Buren, and Barry counties.

Join today and have the assurance that your loved ones are protected!

Membership benefits include

• Coverage of out-of-pocket costs for all “medically necessary” ambulance service for the membership year as defined below. Membership fees are tax deductible and make a great gift.

• Special rates for mobility device (wheelchair) transportation services.

• Safe, timely, and comfortable transportation in your time of need in one of our “mobile emergency rooms” ambulances. No hassle billing. Pride Care will directly bill your insurer or third party on your behalf.

• With your paid membership you will receive: Two Pride Care wallet size membership cards.

• Pride Care members can visit for more company information, up to date information about our membership program, and other relevant Pride Care information.

Facts about your membership

• *Pride Care serves the primary 911 areas of: Kalamazoo County, and the local governmental units of Arlington Township, Bainbridge Township, Bangor Township, Barry Twp, Bloomingdale Township, City of Bangor, City of Coloma, Coloma Township, Columbia Township, City of Dowagiac, City of Gobles, Village of Grand Junction, Hagar Township, Keeler Township, LaGrange Township, Pokagon Township,  Silver Creek Township, Village of Riverside, Volinia Township, City of Watervliet and Wayne Township.

• A member is not charged the amount not covered by insurance for “medically necessary” ambulance service.

• A member is defined by the primary member and his/her listed dependents on the most recent Federal Income Tax return. Your membership fee is tax deductible.

• Your membership service is provided by Pride Care, a locally owned non-profit provider with more than 45 years of experience of providing emergency and non emergency medical transportation services.

  • The cost is just $40.00 per year

Membership Agreement

I understand that I must use the services of Pride Care in order to be eligible for benefits provided by the Pride Plus One membership. I understand that the membership fee provides me and my qualified family member’s emergency and non-emergency ambulance service.

I authorize Pride Care to bill my primary and secondary insurance carriers, government agency, or third-party payor for any customary charges associated with this service. I request that payment of authorized insurance benefits be made on my behalf to Pride Care for any ambulance services provided.

I authorize any holder or medical information or documentation about me to release to any insurance company, government or third party agency, as well as Pride Care, any information or documentation needed to determine these benefits, or benefits payable for related services provided to me by Pride Care now or in the future.

Pride Care agrees to accept such payment as payment in full for those eligible benefits. I further understand that all ambulance services which are determined not to be medically necessary, not covered by my insurance. I also understand that emergency calls have first priority, and the need for medical transportation will be determined by the medical staff of Pride Care, and that routine medical transfers require physician authorization.

I understand that this membership is nonrefundable and nontransferable. (This membership takes effect two days after Pride Care's business office receives my completed and signed membership application and my annual membership fee.)

This membership contract remains in effect through August 31st of the following year if purchased on or after August 31.

For more information or to sign up, please call (269) 343-2224, Option 4.

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