No one who lives alone, or has a serious medical condition, should be without an emergency ambulance response system (EARS).  EARS is a locally monitored personal emergency response system, providing immediate notification of appropriate emergency services, including ambulance service as well as fire and police. 

The best feature of the EARS system is the two-way voice communications that connect you or your family member to our Emergency Response Center.  Highly trained emergency medical dispatchers are alerted to your need for assistance within seconds.  The dispatchers have all the necessary information displayed on a computer screen, including the resident's name, address, medical history, how to obtain access to the home, and more.  Also included are the names and telephone numbers of individuals to be notified if assistance is needed.

EARS Features:

  • Only $30.00 dollars a month, No Contract
  • Personal installation by trained technicians
  • State of art equipment, waterproof pendants or wristbands
  • Battery Back-up for power outages
  • Two-way voice contact with a local dispatcher
  • Certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers, not burglar alarm operators

For more information, or to sign up for an EARS unit, please contact:

Brian Pitts
Marketing and Service
828 Portage Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49001


1-800-348-EARS or 269-343-2224

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