Healthcare Facilities

Integrated Services for Healthcare Facilities

Pride Care offers a variety of integrated services to hospitals, hospital networks, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes across the country including:

Basic Life Support (BLS) — Pride Care’s BLS units provide a valuable community resource for patients requiring non-emergency transportation.
Advanced Life Support (ALS) — Pride Care provides inter-facility ALS transport where allowed.
Critical Care Transport (CCT) — Pride Care is a leading provider of CCT services. Pride Care’s CCT units provide a level of care comparable with a hospital intensive care unit.
• Wheelchair Van Services — Provided at various operations throughout the country. Staffed by specially trained attendants to ensure the health care needs of mobility challenged individuals are met.
• Dedicated Emergency phones - Pride Care provides and installs phones that dial into emergency dispatch exclusively and immediately.
• Emergency Response systems - For those requiring an emergency alert response system in their homes, Pride Care will install and staff personal units, or provide wristbands or pendants.  
• EMS Web-based software solutions - Pride Care is able to help streamline multiple facets of your operations with a suite of custom web-based software solutions.
• Transportation for outings - Pride Care has extra-large 14 person vans available for outings to purchase groceries, attend special events, and more.

For transportation and all other questions, please contact:

Becki Russon, Director of Operations
(269) 343-2224




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